Advertising Media Services

Kalasaarthi Sandstrom Media Works offer the “first team” media planning and execution without the “second team” layering found in most advertising agency media departments. Our decades of experience allow us to offer a range of expert media services.

Media auditing

Quite often, a client will come to Kalasaarthi for a web development project, print collateral, public relations or other service and already have a relationship with a media agency, or they handle media planning and buying internally. Kalasaarthi often is engaged as an impartial, third-party resource to review the plans or media schedules done by others, and asked to offer constructive criticism regarding those plans or schedules.

Media buying / negotiation

With a strategic media plan in place, we can go to work on achieving the best rate and negotiated package for the maximum media exposure. Our formula is simple: we negotiate in a way that, over the years, has earned us the highest amount of respect in achieving the lowest possible rate. In fact, in almost all cases, we can achieve what would be considered below-market rates, yet ensure that our clients’ advertising will run with great placements.

Media planning

Whether it’s a national program of network television and full-run magazines directed to consumers, a B2B trade magazine and online ad plan directed to a narrowly defined business target, or a local-market combination of radio, newspaper and out-of-home media, Kalasaarthi has the experience to formulate a media-driven plan of action, to help deliver a tactically driven strategy, to answer any client’s advertising objectives.

Schedule stewardship

Once a campaign has been approved and placed, our work has just begun. We are constantly monitoring the media placements to ensure that the integrity of the buy is appropriately maintained. We simply don’t accept the correct ads running at the incorrect times. We will not settle for anything short of making certain that a schedule runs as ordered. Our standards of excellence have earned us great rapport with the media and they, too, work hard to make sure our schedules remain intact.