More than just A Digital Agency

Every day, Kalasaarthi strategic thinking, technical expertise and award-winning creativity help our clients achieve their most ambitious business and marketing goals.

Our Core Values

  • Passion

    Loving what we do. Having fun doing it. Creative problem-solvers making a difference for our clients.
  • Stewardship

    Advising our clients in their best interests. Engaging in good for the community.
  • Expertise

    Always learning. Always improving. People of substance building on our strengths.
  • Partnership

    Working respectfully, honestly and enthusiastically with our clients and each other.
  • Innovation

    Leading with digital media and new technologies—and helping our clients do so, too.

Established 2007

Kala Saarthi is more than just an Advertising Agency. Ever since its inception, Kala Saarthi has worked not only as an ad agency for its clients, but has also worked for them in various arenas of public related activities. To name a few, we are also into exhibition designs, brochures, catalogue printing, corporate identity designs, audio – visuals, radio, TV & cinema Advertising, hoarding etc. We have also executed a number of public relation activities wherein we have closely worked with the clients public relation department. Kala Saarthi has both the experience and knowledge for the above mentioned activities and had always made successful use of them over the years.

Our Working Style

At Kala Saarthi, advertising has always been seen as an extension of the client's marketing arm. So, before we get down to actual business of creating and developing advertising campaign, we follow rigorous procedure of analysis focusing on the marketing problems.

We make a thorough study of market concerning competitive brands, brand positioning, and consumer reaction to do a proper media planning.

Then we all sit together. Everyone comes up with ideas, new ideas. This is the fun part. Nothing is rejected; every idea is accepted and recorded. After that all creative work is evaluated against the strategic route decided earlier. First the Head of the creative depts. Does it then the team. Only the best options are presented to the clients.