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Partnership is one of our core values. Working with our clients, utilizing all of our capabilities, is our passion. As a full-service advertising agency, our expertise encompasses strategy, web development, online marketing, advertising, public relations and media services. And we have multiple Web Marketing Association WebAwards and Minnesota PRSA Classics awards to show for it.

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We’ve created a remarkable range of work to help a diverse roster of clients succeed.

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Fun. Friendly. Collaborative. The people at our marketing agency, from the developers to the digital agency team to the creative department, love sharing their knowledge and learning from others while delivering effective solutions.

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Congratulations! The new space is truly inspiring and I can’t wait to spend more time there in the coming months. The word – among many other positives - I would pick is “comfortable”.

While I love the new space, I just wanted to reach out and give you some new year’s kudos on the people and talent I have had the pleasure to work with over 2016. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with fellow creatives and many agency partners over the last 10 years, and I can say without a doubt that your team is the best.

Having the partners, collaboration and expertise working with Kalasaarthimade (and continues to make) my job so much easier and enjoyable. I appreciate the level of comfort that I have to talk openly, brainstorm, confide in and strategize with this incredible team.

Susie Clark, Digital Marketing Manager